R. Michael Walker is an award winning Director and internationally published and exhibited Fine Art Photographer. His work has appeared in Camera magazine, Creative Camera, Popular Photography, Graphis, Nerve, Vogue Italia and others. He has over fifty three years of experience creating Fine Art stills and 21 years creating content and commercials for Broadcast TV and Films. He has a Degree in Fine Art Photography from the University of KY and has taught at Universities, Adult Edition Facilities, Regional Occupational Programs and various workshops.
Back in the 70’s he made it his mission to meet and study with his favorite fine art photographers via workshops and personal critiques. They included Ansel Adams, Robert Heineken, Wynn Bullock, Judy Dater, Ekioh Hose, Lucien Clergue and others. This, combined with his college fine art training and 53 years making images about things and people close to him, has given him a unique perspective on the world that he hopes his work reflects.