David PD Hyde is a British – Chinese Artist, Image and Video Maker based in London, (United Kingdom). He was born in China and came to England in his early teen. Early 2010, while at university, he bought his first SLR camera and began to take night images for Student Union events. Through that, many female students asked him to take portraits of them, and that is how his passion for photography developed. Two years later, he changed his degree course to Photography. Learning about the history of photography as well as fashion photography was exciting and enlightening, but most of all the course changed the way he creates images. After graduation with BA (Hons), he began to start to do freelance photography, shooting mainly editorial project. His images has appeared in publications such as Vogue Italia, Lula, L’Officiel.nl and Metalmagazine.eu. His works focus on dreams and often involve a conceptual element within the story. One of his favourite published and important stories is called “Tears of Ocean”, shot in 2017, focus on pollution in the oceans. Give a voice to our natural world.