Summertime Sadness

Photo / Anna Atlas / @atlasanna_photo/


Liya Komarova / @polukisloe_

Snezhana Serkova / @_.belosnezhka._

Elizaveta Umanskaya / @l.umanskaya

The photo story is based on the novel by Joan Lindsey "Picnic at Hanging Rock".

The story of ghosts without any ghosts, a riddle without a solution, a story of the suppression of sexual desires without sex.
The plot is deceptively simple: a group of students from a private female school go on a picnic to the forest.
During the picnic, the three girls mysteriously disappear, leaving no trace. It seems to everyone that on this day something more happened than just an accident. A leisurely pastime turns into a drama.
This drama flew all the time in the air, enveloping and lulling vigilance.

A walk into the forest resembles a dream, a fragile mirage. Each of the heroines has a secret.
This is exactly what I wanted to show in this photo story. Aura of mysticism, mystery and unsolved mystery.

“What we see and what we see in us is only a dream and a dream inside another dream.”
Edgar Allan Poe.


© Anna Atlas


© Anna Atlas


© Anna Atlas


© Anna Atlas


© Anna Atlas


© Anna Atlas