Daria Amaranth

Photographer / Daria Amaranth / @daria_amaranth

St.Petersburg, Russia


© Daria Amaranth

Can you tell us something about yourself?

I’m a dreamer, exploring a world of photography, cinematography, music, perfumery, literature...


© Daria Amaranth

How do you define photography?

Photography is like a window into another dimension, a world existing on the other side of the mirror.


© Daria Amaranth

How do you light your pictures?

I prefer natural light and also constant studio or home light (but not flash/pulsed one except for the rare cases when it can be suitable).


© Daria Amaranth

What is the meaning of the word PASSION to you?

Passion is immersion into meaningful feelings, I think that passion is love itself, since pure passion is full of sincere love.


© Daria Amaranth

Regarding the transition from film to digital – when did it happen for you?

I started to create stories with the help of a digital camera at once, as for film I mostly took home simple pictures on it during childhood and teenage years, so there was no transition as such.


© Daria Amaranth

Since photography techniques and equipment change quickly, it is important for you to stay up-to-date. What do you do to keep up with the times?

I don’t do anything about this if we talk about observations of current trends because technique is not critical for me, a simple SLR camera is quite enough. Various improvised solutions (using fabric, certain surroundings, creating an atmosphere and a mood inside a photograph itself) is more important to me than newest technologies in this sphere. Although I really admire a lot any progress in digital sphere - I suppose it's just not my type of creating art, I am more of "vintage" kind of fan :)


© Daria Amaranth

Who influenced you the most? Is there any other photographer that you considers as a kind of idol?

I don't have any idols but I certainly do have favourite photographers who had inflience on my works and the first name that occur to me is Francesca Woodman.


© Daria Amaranth

Was there anything specific that you can remember that made you want to become a photographer?

Along with music, the visual arts, in particular, a single shot has an instant effect on perception, because in order to view the picture you (a viewer) need a moment which becomes extended one and turns into minutes and even hours if you begin to be more interested in this photograph, looking into it, watching how the connection with this story grows inside of you. Photography is the fastest and most expressive way to present the story created, perhaps at the initial stage this thought captured my imagination.


© Daria Amaranth

What do people starting out need to know?

They definitely need to remember what makes them feel inspired and not to forget what they really, truly like.


© Daria Amaranth

Are you very hands on with the post processing of the digital files?

I do like to change tones of a photograph according to my vision, as for other things (setting, composition and everything concerning the photograph as it is) I prefer to accomplish everything during photoshooting itself.